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  • Lisa Bilotta

Navigating the Marketing Maze: Hiring the Right Marketer

In the small business realm, every decision can have a ripple effect on your venture’s success. One such critical decision is hiring the right marketer. A seasoned marketer can steer your brand towards visibility and growth, while a misfit could lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Start by identifying the skills you require. Is it social media expertise, SEO knowledge, or perhaps content creation? Keywords like "digital marketing specialist", "SEO expert", or "content strategist" can guide you in your search, and also catch the eye of potential candidates. Ask other business owners who they use and recommend and what they have done to boost their presence.

Once you've outlined the skills, delve into the experience. Seek references, and don’t shy away from conducting a thorough interview. A good marketer will take time to know you and your business and do a thorough intake to see if they are a good fit. Look for those who offer value before hire.

Moreover, a good marketer should not just bring skills to the table but should also align with your business values and culture. They should exhibit a willingness to understand your brand and tailor strategies that reflect your business ethos. If it doesn't feel right, don't continue the journey and don't sign a contract for a length of time that doesn't allow for a trial period to see if personality and work ethic fit your business.

Investing time in hiring a marketer who fits well can save you resources and yield better marketing results in the long-term. They can help you navigate the complex digital landscape, ensuring your small business makes a substantial mark and save you valuable time that could be better spent on client acquisition, sales, or other 'only you can do' business tasks.

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